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I’m damned if I’m not going to get a piece of this action. Two skinhead girls are having a go off one-another and I want in.

It all kicked off a few weeks ago on the telly when Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter got all nudey and dirty and twerped her bottom and something went on with an inflatable hammer but I don’t know what the fuck that was. On some MTV thing, if I remember right.

Then, in the last week, an ordained priest, Father Sinead O’Connor, wrote to Miley on The Internet but everyone could see what she writ, I think. She said words like “prostitute herself” and “all men in the world are evil, especially them who sell records” and tried to be all nice to Miley. She told Miley that it wasn’t nice to show your bits and something about Hannah Montana and to give some motherf*ckers their P45.

The full text of Fr. O’Connor’s letter is here:

Resource Limit Is Reached

The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

As you can plainly see, she’s trying to tell the young singer that her Resource Limit (a thinly-veiled reference to her current career path) has been reached and to try again later, this time wearing clothes. But not to be nudey next time because men are horrible and dirty. I’m reading between the lines, obviously, but you can see for yourself what it means.

Miley then Twittered a photo of Father Sinead tearing up a picture of Pope John Paul 2 We Love You years ago, which just wasn’t cricket.

Young Ms. Cyrus’s credibility took a beating yesterday when she Twittered that she’s “Eating mangos in bed. I repeat…happiest girl in the world. <rainbow> <rainbow> <rainbow>”

But I checked by looking back a few pages on the Tweet and she never before said that she was eating mangos in bed. So you just can’t believe a word out of her filthy mouth. And Father Sinead is a priest, who we automatically respect and believe. Am I right?

I just wish that the nasty Miley would leave the poor priest alone. She (the priest) has done nothing to her (the American slut) other than interfere in her life and tell her how to be a better person, not a prostitute and how to give men working for her the sack. On the Internet too, so everyone could see how nice she was.

But she’s on the Late Late Show tonight, so Father O’Connor can say a public prayer for this disillusioned, wrong young girl and we can all join in. That’ll make things better and Father Sinead might even get an appearance fee. Let’s hope so. It’ll go some way towards helping her on the path to recovery after the trauma that she started.

When nobody is looking she’s going to get her legal people to beat the crap out of Miley for giving her lip. NO ONE gives Father O’Connor lip. In the corner.

I have fuck all else to be doing.