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I tried to cancel my LogMeIn Pro account last week. There was no way to do this online, but they gave me an email address to send my request to cancel. I’m on a month-by-month subscription with the option to cancel at any time. Or so I thought.

I sent the email. I was asked to confirm from the same email address, so I did this promptly. A few more days pass. then I get this response:

“Hello Alan,

After a further look at your account, there is an active complimentary LogMeIn Pro subscription that currently exists.

We are obligated to provide you with the service for the duration of the subscription. 

But once it expires on 07/27/2014, we can completely delete your account.

Please contact us after the expiration of that subscription and we would be happy to assist you in deleting your account.”



My response was curt and to the point:

“I never heard such nonsense. Please delete my account.”